12 Must Make Fall Recipes from The Well Plated Cookbook

Whenever I’m asked to name my “favorite” recipes from my cookbook, I just can’t do it! Here’s the thing: all of the 130+ recipes ARE my favorite.

Erin Clarke holding The Well Plated Cookbook

  • I tested every recipe 6+ times (though most were tested many more; you can read about recipe testing here), until each was so delicious, it made me (and my independent recipe testers) DANCE around the kitchen.
  • I agonized over every detail, from making sure each ingredient truly mattered for the recipe and was easy to find, to writing instructions that were crystal clear, to keeping the dishes you’d have to wash to a minimum, to providing useful tips, like how to store, reheat, and repurpose leftovers.
  • I opened myself up and shared personal stories in the recipe headnotes. I wanted this book to be fun to read!
  • I cooked the food for the photos! Every recipe has a gorgeous photo to go alongside it.

Hearing how much you are loving the book has made it all WORTH IT!

  • We are up to nearly 370 positive reviews. THANK YOU!!!
  • Every single review is helpful and brings me more joy than I can express. (If you purchased a copy and haven’t left a review yet, please consider taking a moment to do so here. It matters SO MUCH♥.)

We’ve had some extra excitement since the book came out also!

  • I cooked live on Good Morning America, was featured in People Magazine, had an interview on NPR, and have a few upcoming segments in the works too (sign up here to stay up to date—I’ll send you my most popular recipes and book news).
  • I’m also giving away more than $4,000 in prizes (Dutch ovens, pro kitchen knives, grocery $, and more)! Entering is free and easy. There’s only few weeks left to enter, so GET ON IT. You can enter as many times as you want, and it’s still anyone’s game. Find all the details here.

To celebrate the turn of the season, I’ve rounded up 12 recipes from The Well Plated Cookbook that are perfect for busy school nights, cooler fall nights, and game days.

These recipes are all my favorite but TELL ME: what’s YOUR favorite recipe you’ve tried from the book so far?? Please comment below and let me know. I’d love love to hear from you!

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